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student - here to help

I am here to help whether you would like a new computer built, set up, if you want an existing machine upgraded, or simply want tutorial help with your technology.

I provide a friendly and personal service for all ages, allowing you to get online with the piece of mind that you have my support if something were to go wrong

Being a professional , I can also assist if you are having any problems with your current software, do you keep everything optimised and tidy? As a pro, I can help you organise a clean space to work from

Providing a quote is not a problem, this is usually done free of charge on new laptops

I can help you set up a Facebook or Instagram, personal or business account, show you how to use it and help your online presence. I can also help show you how to link apps, like email and social media in one place.

If you are aware that your computer is running sluggishly I can fix it.  It may just need to be optimised. Although sometimes upgraded parts or a new system may be needed and this is easy to diagnose, based on the age and components of a system.

The scary, but serious part

Virus scans should be conducted regularly and all new USB flash drives scanned before opening their contents, opening emails from untrusted sources is a common way of becoming infected with a virus.  If you are afraid you have been infected, I can come and scan the computer and try to remove the virus for you.

Please contact me to book a time. Click here for email  I would love to help you and I am uploading a new calendar booking system to this website as we speak, so booking with me should be easier than ever before.