JP Computer Systems

An Australian self-started computer business, specialising in 

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Web site creation and design
Social Media
Computer Building
WIFI and Internet Setup
Removal of viruses and unwanted software
Computer maintenance and optimisation

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  • Providing I.T consultancy and support across web and digital media.
  • Specialising in WordPress, HTML, CSS,


    and basic JavaScript fixes.
  • EDM and Digital Marketing Campaigns.
  • Graphic Design and Image editing.
  • Computer Repairs and Building
  • Website Hosting.
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Charges : $60 callout / $60hr Remote Assistance / $80hr On Site Assistance

Social Media Packages

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Facebook and Instagram are included in the packages, I source high quality images and complete graphic design of advertising material and have shown proven success at increasing customer conversion.

This type of advertising is organic and can be converted to paid advertising when the client wishes, increasing views outside of the direct group associated with Facebook and Instagram.

I can advertise autonomously as I get to know our client’s business as part of the service and will work this way when instructed, open to review at any time.

Alternatively I am open to working to direction whether that be strict or loosely, often the best way to start with a new customer as I am getting to know the business and the audience.

Weekly posts are preferred as it creates continuity with the audience, but I understand that due to restrictions this format may not suit all clients and I am open to working some weeks on and some off.

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  • Basic – 3 posts a week on Facebook : $200 month
  • Upper Basic – 3 posts a week on Facebook plus targeted Instagram : $280 month
  • Common – 6 posts a week on Facebook : $360 month
  • Complete – 6 posts a week on Facebook plus full story a week on Instagram : $500 month


Portfolio of Work
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Website Management

Computer Servicing

I service suburbs in the South East of Melbourne and surrounds.  I have a call out service, where I come to you to fix and restore your computer and help protect your valuable data.

Make it Simple

For an all inclusive laid back approach , contact me now because I’m sure to know how you need to start up your business.

Computer Troubleshooting

A friendly service and I have a great can do approach, working with the customer, ' you '  to help you understand your computer.

Social media and ecommerce

Website Creation

I build Websites, including online stores. And I am always happy to support other businesses with their E-Commerce needs using WordPress, Stores using WordPress can have up to 1 Million products, allow for stock management and are easily customizable. WordPress has a plethora of themes and options available.

UX / UI design

UX Design

I can design ideas for you to help you decide how you want your website to look and the features that you might want included, Each feature has their place and should be well mapped out to draw the audience's attention.

Working with Websites

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Basics of SEO and Google Analytics

We can also provide an SEO or "search engine optimisation" service for all new and existing websites, getting you more visitors and greater exposure in search engines like Google.

We can set up your social media needs also, do you use Facebook or Instagram and want to increase the presence of your business?  We can help.

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Website Design and Building

With a free quote provided, I listen to your needs and work with you from the planning stage until completion, for your new website.

Home pages, services, woo-commerce stores, contact us forms and google maps location pages are all the norm now in the business world.  We can make you a website to advertise your business.

I use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress and Shopify and can make you a beautiful page that you will love. I work with customer's need in mind, to make your website 'come alive'.

A website is the best way to market your brand or project.

Home Computer Help

Computer Building Service

I am here to help whether you would like a new computer built, set up or if you want an existing machine upgraded.

I can also assist if you are having any problems with your current software, do you keep everything optimised and tidy?

I can help you set up a Facebook or Instagram, personal or business account. I can also help show you how to link apps, like email and social media in one place.

If you are aware that your computer is running sluggishly we can fix it.  It may just need to be optimised.

Virus scans should be conducted regularly and all new USB flash drives inspected before opening their contents, opening emails from untrusted sources is a common way of becoming infected with a virus.  If you are afraid you have been infected, I can come and scan the computer and try to remove the virus for you.

Please contact me to book a time. Click here for email 

Charges : $60 callout / $60hr Remote Assistance / $80hr On Site Assistance

I provide free quotes on new systems to meet your needs.  I listen to you and get it right the first time.

I source all the parts for you and assemble your new computer, installing the required software and delivering to your door so that you're ready to go.

Charges : $60 callout / $60hr Remote Assistance / $80hr On Site Assistance

Please let me know if you need to book some hands on time to learn how you can use your new computer, even if you are no longer a novice and have some previous experience with computers, it might help just to get a bit of a refresher crash course.

I am a one stop shop from building to maintenance.

Servicing Melbourne's South East and more given the appropriate time to make a booking.

I am more than capable of helping you find your next upgrade.  I can upgrade home computers and laptops.

Here are some of the computers that I have worked on.

Some of the most effective upgrades for an older system include

  • SSD Hardrives Up to 10x faster load times

  • RAM Upgrade Allowing more programs to be open at a time and allowing larger files to be accessed more quickly

  • Graphics Upgrade For Image editing / Gaming / Video editing

  • Storage Upgrades Store more files, including videos and images

  • Monitor Upgrades Allow your workplace or gaming place to be easier on the eye

  • Peripheral Upgrades Speakers, Mice, Keyboards
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