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My computer building service is aimed at providing great customer service and I provide free quotes on new systems to meet your needs.  I listen to you and get it right the first time. I will provide help building a computer

I will build your custom computer or just help you with your custom computer build

I source all the parts for you and assemble your new computer, installing the required software and delivering to your door so that you’re ready to go.

I can also test all your computer parts to look for faults, I offer great prices on new parts or upgrades

Please let me know if you need to book some hands on time to learn how you can use your new computer, even if you are no longer a novice and have some previous experience with computers, it might help just to get a bit of a refresher crash course.

I am a one stop shop from building to maintenance.

Servicing Melbourne’s South East and more given the appropriate time to make a booking. Look no further if you need help building a computer

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I am more than capable of helping you find your next upgrade.  I can upgrade home computers and laptops.

Here are some of the computers that I have worked on.

Some of the most effective upgrades for an older system include

  • SSD Hardrives Up to 10x faster load times
  • RAM Upgrade Allowing more programs to be open at a time and allowing larger files to be accessed more quickly
  • Graphics Upgrade For Image editing / Gaming / Video editing
  • Storage Upgrades Store more files, including videos and images
  • Monitor Upgrades Allow your workplace or gaming place to be easier on the eye and increase productivity
  • Peripheral Upgrades Speakers, Mice, Keyboards